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-- Greeting & What's new--

December 15, 2008
Happy Christmas... That makes update customary, and one time in the end of the year becomes this year's recollection. A little thing of every day write "take every day valiantly ! " my blog, it becomes the summarizing of the blog. The event of which it made a special mention was written.
e-NetCaraban lecture circuit was executed eight times this year. It was almost held since June by one pace a month aiming at the guardian visit day recently. There were the 1st a lot for the school child and the junior high school student and the second composition for the guardian and the school personnel.
One the respondent expiration will be scheduled next March (end of fiscal year) though this project started at limited time. How do you do afterwards? In the superintendence organization (Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications), it is settling on. Because demand is still expected, it is thought that it is necessary to continue even if the name and the managing body change. I will register again as a lecture master.
□ I went to the boy in Cambodia who was supporting it by the WV child sponsorship and the family to meet. From 2/10 to 2/17, The travel of the planned group travel of WV Japan ←"take every day valiantly ! " blog It can be seeing by link in February.
The support project of Cambodia Udon ADP ended at the end of September. It is a translation that receives the time of independence.
And, the boy in Malawi and the girl in Laos are being supported now.
□ I started in the part work on June 2.
The day of going to work has been flexibly decided according to my schedule though it is work on in the week the third for six hours a day. that completes new building, and has worked in office of comfortable environment since November 4
□ The interest is moved about for everything by showing my intention when coming to play though it is a grandchild of one-years old half.
The expression such as photographs taken on November 1 and boys wise though it is still small is shown. (grandfather fool explosion ! !)

December 5, 2007
very sorry that not about one year after last time updates.
◆ I resigned the company which worked for about 40 years on November 30 (early retirement age treatment). It became free.
   HP site which it "e-Stage" Comes to add to HP and Blog is already created.
   Moreover, the handle name of Blog which spelled the usual "take every day valiantly ! " begun from January, and also changed into "e-FreeMan"
◆ Continue a volunteer activity and e-NetCaraban. There will be a lecture schedule in January next year. Five lectures were carried out this year.
◆ in February, Hawaii was traveled by four persons of a wife and second son husband and wife.
   (Although it went by the business trip several times from the company once upon a time, it was traveling abroad after a long time)
◆ A man's grandchild was born in May.
   very dear boy ♪

December 21, 2006
Merry Christmas! It also remains this year and about 10 days...
e-NetCaravan lecturer that began from last year, Internet safe safety lecture education activities, carried out 7 times in this year.
I participate in the Child SponsorShip of a WorldVision. I am now supporting the 8 years-old boy of Cambodia. He will receive a tidy meal and education. I wish, He will be a leader of his country and the the local revival in the future. Among those, I want to meet him an opportunity.
A photograph is convenient and it does not grow older! The carried photograph of my face is a thing of 15 years ago. From the people who meet me, "It is a little different...!! " and the claim are received, it moves to exhibited year this HP, and the latest photograph is put on this section.

September 30, 2006
Volunteer activity JAHDS(Japan alliance for humanitarian demining support) which met in Expo Aichi 2005, It will converge with this end of the year. The activity will be inherited on the appropriate organization of a spot with JAHDS, a common idea, and the purpose. It is because it came to be judged that it is appropriate for the future project in a spot that the independent organization of a spot will carry out if a local revival plan considers society and an economical effect. Similarly, the sister organization POM2 (it is fund-raising contribution to JAHDS) will also put an end activity of the first phase. These organizations want to watch future trend and activity to the banner of a "favorite site", and to go to it by link's.

September 14, 2005
Since the expo had approached the end, the top page was revised. (it thinks that it is amusing in the expo mode forever ... !) but the page of one generation ago leaves and links. After an expo end easy-permeates and a promotion video and an image song can obtain it. Please adore to a reverberation. There are some which sympathize in activity of JAHDS (Japan Alliance for Humanitarian Demining Support) which participated in the volunteer activity at the expo hall, and POM2. It links from this top page. I want to looking-obtain very much and consider.

April 03, 2005
I returned to my origin family's house from March. Local this place seems development of going up in "Expo 2005 AICHI", opening of the "Central International Airport", etc. I was whole renewal to serve also as introduction of "Enoki's main HP" which was neglect until now, and these events, taking advantage of this opportunity. I take in few flash technique which was not too showy and made use of a delicate technique. And I think that I want to continue to update by this concept. I need your help well.

August 07, 2004
I was transfered to the metropolitan area (business bachelor ). And it is going to become in ten months. It was made BB environment also the house a transfer place. The another site HomePage "Enoki's separate HP" Becoming will be created and opened at full speed. I wolud like to ask patronage of you like "Enoki's main HP". Please peep into.

June 15, 2003
Contents a few were updated for the first time in 4 years at the time of move to YahooBB from DreamNet. Only those who prepared security in the entrance door and announced you the password permit entrance into a room in the secret room.

May 26, 1999
Although it was html of making a homepage and an overnight attachment state begun in "the practice in penmanship of over 50 years old", as it could be expressing somehow, since, it carried for the time being. Study is repeated gradually, and since it considers more that expression wants to see richly and to update to a pleasant page, I ask of you well. Thank you.

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